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Author: Kjuly
Email: dev#kjuly.com
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About App

iPokeMon is a PokéMon game on iOS with Location Based Service, i.e., PokeMons are distributed in the real world. You'll find different PokeMons in different cities, or even countries.

Just imagine that we live with PokeMons in real world. ;)


About Project

This was my Graduation Project. I tried to submit it to the App Store when the v0.3.2 done, but finally, the binary was rejected on May 16, 2012 with the reason of rejection: "8.5: Use of protected 3rd party material (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, otherwise proprietary content) requires a documented rights check which must be provided upon request". What a pity! There was a time I wanted to ask some designers to create a set of PokéMon like characters, but I gave up the thought cause it'll lose its meaning then. So after I graduated from university on Jun, 2012, I shelved this project for several months.

Till now, I still hope to have such a game on iOS. With my own limited capacity, iPokeMon is still in beta version. So I open source this whole project in order to let more and more people (both programmer & designer, or even just a player are all welcomed) participate in the development. I look forward to that one day it can be owned by everyone that grown up with PokéMon!

Finally, I would like to say that feel free to transplant this project to any system! And I'll be glad if you send me a mail about your transplanting. ;)



Root Manage View

Main Circle Menu

The center button is the "Main Button"_ in App, you can open the main circle menu by pressing it. The button above is a "Map Button", the default color is red, that means "Location Service" is disabled, you can turn it on by keeping pressing on it with 3 seconds, and it'll change to white color (location service is turned on now).

You should enable "Location Service" when you playing the game. When a Wild Pokemon appeared, the "Main Button" will change its state with an exclamation mark, you can press it to enter the battle scene.

The main circle menu includes items: PokeDex, Your Six PokeMons, Your Bag, Trainer Card, Store, Setting.

  1. PokeDex

  2. Six PokeMons

  3. Bag

  4. Trainer Card

  5. Store

  6. Setting



Game Battle Scene

You can dispatch 6 types of views in the battle scene: Move, Bag, PokeMon Status, Pokemon selection, Log, Run away. Gestures in battle scene are shown below:

Different type of views are listed below:

  1. Move

  2. Bag

  3. PokeMon Status

  4. Run Away

  5. Log

  6. Catch PokeMon

Enjoy!!! ;)


Change Log

v0.5.x @ Dev

v0.4.6 @ 2013-02-26

v0.4.6 @ 2013-01-31

v0.3.4 @ 2013-01-21

v0.3.3 @ 2013-01-13

v0.3.2 @ 2012-05-08

v0.1.0 @ 2012-04-26


Apply for Beta Version Testing

The Beta version of iPokemon is hosted on Testflight, just register a account, and join my team:


Make Contributions

If you have some spare time then there is no better way to help an open source project than to get involved at one level or another. Contributions are very much appreciated and needed in any of the following ways:

For programmers, if you want to be a contributor of the source code, just fork this repo as your own and improve the code in your own repo. When you done, send a "Pull Request" to me. I'll merge the commits after checking. And b.t.w, it is better to send "Pull Request" whenever you've modify the source code, even a modification of one word. :)

And for designers, feel free to discuss with me on the design work via email: kj#kjuly.com.

I collected the original data of iPokeMon on the internet. Most of them are okay, but of course, the lack is also hard to avoid. So I'm glad that you can help me to improve the data.

As an independent developer, I need some support with microdonations to continue the project. Your monetary support is greatly appreciated!

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As an another way to support me, you can purchase any of my iOS Apps which are sold on the AppStore (https://itunes.apple.com/artist/kaijie-yu/id523484108), or just share this page to your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Thanks in advance! <3


I'd love your feedback.
Email your comments, suggestions and questions to dev#kjuly.com.
Or you can just post a bug report or a feature request HERE.
Thank you! :)

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